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May 24, 2010

Breakfast Fiasco

While I made breakfast, I saw a birdie through a slit in the blinds. It was hopping around in white stuff. I said to Ender "There's a birdie outside playing in the dew!"
Nope. After we opened the blinds, we discovered SNOW outside. We feel very much at home now. This place isn't so different from Rexburg after all!
So I mentioned breakfast...something bad happened to it. When I turned the knob up to medium to heat the unit, the "surface on" light suddenly winked off! Weird. So I jiggled the knob and turned it back and forth once, and the light went back on.
I probably should have been smart and just realized how fast the butter melted and started browning. But my time-figuring was warped because I was flitting around the kitchen doing other things, too. I threw an omelet together, complete with diced tomatoes, cheese and cubed meat and went on to mix orange juice (in the blender, the "special" way--ps: mix the concentrate by itself before adding water so it's all creamy and unchunked).
The omelet burned.
Practically black.
The knob had slipped, so I'd unknowingly turned the heat up to "high." Arg! My last two eggs! And they were borrowed eggs, no less! (Oh, well, as "borrowed" as ingredients get since there's obviously no returning...)
So I thought, well, we can have toast. No! Darn. Only if we want toast made out of the last slices of french bread--ooh, recipe coming soon, by the way (this soon, tada: RECIPE). And, yeah, that bread is good, but for toast?
So then I figured we could have cereal. No! Garg, Michael doesn't like powdered milk, and that's all we've got in the fridge right now!
And for some reason, pancakes and waffles didn't sound appetizing. Even if we had time to make them...which, since this was a breakfast fiasco, of course we didn't.
Geesh, if I were pregnant, I would have happily eaten the snow! It would have been my lucky day to have snow in May! Yay, cravings with special delivery! Hah, delivery. What a pregnant joke. I'll have to remember that one, I guess.

Michael humbly ate the black, rubbery omelet (he loves me), and I had cereal with powdered milk--which wasn't too bad, just sort of depressing. At least Ender likes it.
So now my kitchen smells like burned eggs, and that's gross.

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Rae said...

I love this story. I've done this before--and it was way worse, actuallY!